Saturday, April 21, 2018
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New space-saving conveyor from Simplimatic
EVINGTON, VA - Simplimatic Automation has developed a space-saving spiral conveyor, available at a diameter of just 36 inches. This innovative design allows continuous product flow while changing elevations and offers the convenience of smaller size with greater strength. The conveyor is equipped with corrosion-protected RexHiPro roller chains that provide high protection against mechanical and chemical impact.

The long lifespan of the chain reduces and eliminates the need to replace parts, so day-to-day operation costs on the spiral are very low. The biggest advantage to the spiral conveyor its smaller footprint, affording more room for other essential production equipment and resources. The Simplimatic spiral conveyor also permits customization through adjustable guides, whereas competing spiral conveyors are fixed in their form and function.

CONTACT: Simplimatic Automation  78 Corporate Way  Evington, VA 24550   : 434.385.9181   800.294.2003

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