Sunday, April 22, 2018
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ACE showcases selective soldering technology at SMTA Connecticut

SPOKANE VALLEY, WA ACE Production Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of selective soldering systems, will highlight its newest generation of selective soldering systems at the Connecticut SMTA Expo & Technical Forum, scheduled to take place Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at the Waterbury Marriott in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Among the systems highlighted will be the KISS-104, capable of soldering printed circuit boards up to 18” x 24” (457mm x 610mm) with many leading edge features included as standard.  A fully configured in-line system, the KISS-104 is equipped with “Super Quick” Z-axis motion and closed-loop positioning feedback with linear encoders.  The KISS-104 can also be equipped with a dual solder nozzle pump assembly that allows two different sized solder nozzles to operate in tandem, so the user can use the appropriate nozzle for a given site, and handle a wide range of component types and sizes on a printed circuit board assembly.

The board size and soldering area of the popular KISS-102 has been expanded from 12” x 12’ (300mm x 300mm) to 16” x 16” (406mm x 406mm) with no increase in machine footprint and at no additional cost.  This means the KISS-102 is capable of soldering printed circuit boards up to 16” x 16” (406mm x 406mm) and offers many of the same features as the KISS-102IL in-line selective soldering system but in a standalone platform.

Also showcased will be the new KISS-105 large board format selective soldering system capable of soldering printed circuit boards up to 28” x 36” (700mm x 900mm) which means it can handle the size and weight of large backplanes and other oversized products.  When equipped with a top-side preheater the KISS-105 can achieve Class 3 solder joints on printed circuit boards with a thickness of up to 0.354” (9mm).

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