Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Mill-Max Intros Fine Pitch SMT Gull Wing Connector Series
OYSTER BAY, NY – Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., the largest manufacturer of precision-machined interconnect components in North America, is pleased to announce the availability of its new fine pitch SMT gull wing connector series. The series comprises the 860-10-0XX-30-002000 (1mm gull wing SMT header available in 3 - 26 positions) and the 861-13-0XX-30-002000 (1mm gull wing SMT socket available in 3 - 26 positions).

With a board-to-board stack height measuring less than 0.3” (7,62mm), the Mill-Max gull wing series is ideal for tight, compact spaces in which a surface mount, precision-machined connector is the preferred design choice. In addition, the diameter of the leads – .014” (0,36mm) for the socket, .015” (0,38mm) for the header – leaves a tiny footprint, saving valuable PCB space.

Sockets feature gold-plated shells and contacts, and headers gold-plated pins, thus ensuring optimum conductivity and superior wear resistance. The gull wing design allows for more effective and efficient inspection of the solder joints. 

Additional features of the Mill-Max fine pitch SMT gull wing connector series:

  • RoHS compliant
  • Equipped with high temperature insulators and suitable for RoHS soldering processes
  • Socket end uses a low-insertion force contact inside receptacles
  • Gas tight connection when mated
  • Coplanarity of 0.005” (0,13mm)
All Mill-Max pin headers and receptacle sockets feature high-speed, screw-machined pins and receptacles manufactured to precision tolerances. Inside each 861 series receptacle is a precision stamped Beryllium Copper Mill-Max #04 3-finger contact clip with a pin acceptance range of .008”-.013” (0,2mm – 0,33mm) diameter and a current rating of 2 amps.

CONTACT: MILL-MAX MFG CORP    190 PINE HOLLOW ROAD   PO BOX 300   OYSTER BAY, NY 11771-0300    : (516) 922-6000
FAX: (516) 922-9253     www.mill-max.com 


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