Monday, April 23, 2018
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Internally Matched Gain Block from TriQuint Semiconductor
SAN JOSE, CA -  RFMW, Ltd. has announdce design and sales support for the TQL9047, an 8-pin, 2x2mm DFN packaged gain block from TriQuint Semiconductor. The TQL9047 offers internally match I/O over the frequency range of 50 to 4000MHz. With OIP3 of 35.5dBm, this gain block is ideally suited for BTS transceivers and repeaters or for IF chains in high frequency PTP radios. Military, L-band radios would also benefit from the high linearity. The TriQuint TQL9047 offers shutdown capability, a unique feature for low-cost gain blocks and requires only a 3 to 5V positive supply while drawing 70mA. 

CONTACT: TriQuint Semiconductor Stocking Distributor RFMW, Ltd. 188 Martinvale Lane San Jose, Ca. 95119  : 408.414.1450

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