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Special Function and Performance for LED Board Production Released LED Mounter JX-300LED
MORRISVILLE, NC - On April 1st, 2013, JUKI released LED Mounter JX-300LED, a specialized model with efficient function and performance for LED board production. Today the demand of LED, used for lighting device or LCD display for television and computer, is significantly increasing for its energy saving and long-life characteristic. JUKI already has Flexible Compact Mounter JX-100LED for LED productions, but this new JX-300LED has enlarged its PCB size capacity and improved the placement speed.

As a standard feature, JX-300LED is now capable for production of maximum 1200 mm PCB, to meet the high demand sized LED lighting device and middle/large sized LCD backlight. As an option, it will be able to produce maximum 1500mm sized PCB, the largest capability in the industry. Additionally, high accurate placement of light diffuser lens, a production technology recently being widely used for LCD backlight production, is now possible by using our original laser sensor to identify the boss* on the lens to determine the correct direction. Through the improvements of PCB conveyance, the placement speed also has been significantly advanced.

Due to its improved board size capability and high-speed operation, JX-300LED is acquiring a great reputation in the growing market of LED board production and expanding its sales.

*boss: protuberance on the bottom of the light diffuser lens to ensure the correct position of SMD.


1) Improved Placement Speed

The manufacturing of long sized PCB requires multiple clamps. The conveyor transportation time is cut by changing the PCB stopper method from sensor control to mechanical stopper, and by modifying the PCB holding method to face-side clamp. These changes improved the placement speed significantly.

Mid-size LED components can be placed in 19,300 CPH. (with 12mm Tape Feeder, 6 nozzle alternate placement by 3 nozzle simultaneous pick x 2 times)

2) LED Placement

The machine is capable of PCB size 610mm x 360mm by one time clamp, 1200mm x 360mm by two times clamp, and 1500mm x 360mm by three times clamp.

When manufacturing long board with several clamps, the machine is able to identify the solders printed on the electrodes as BOC mark. (option)

Efficient component supply of tray components (Ex. light diffuser lens) is possible by using Tray Holder or Matrix Tray Server. (option)

Realized space saving machine size, 1920mm x 1393mm, the highest class for mounter with the capablility of 1200mm x 360mm PCB production.

3) Easy Operation

Equipped with GUI (Graphical User Interface), which makes the operation easy for beginners. Operation by touch panel, without keyboard, is also available. (option)

Since the time for preparing data is greatly shortened by the components laser recognition technology, vertical startup of production is possible.

4) Excellent Cost Performance

Featured power consumption saving design; apparent power 3.0 kVA.

Nozzles, tape feeders, and production technology data are compatible with other JUKI models, so you can utilize your existing units.

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