Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Miniature LVDTs Providing Precise Measurements at Higher Speeds Available from Measurement Specialties

HAMPTON, VA - Measurement Specialties, an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, offers a series of miniature, high-reliability LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers) that provide precise measurements at higher displacement speeds. 

Measuring just 3/8" (9.52 mm) in diameter, the MHR Series can easily be used in environments with significant space limitations.  Designed with a very lightweight core that reduces inertia, the MHR series is ideal for use where excessive core weight could influence the motion of the measurement.

Applications include satellite mirror focusing systems, UAV and helicopter targeting and sight systems as well as oil and gas equipment, pneumatic actuators, medical ventilators, wire-bonding machines and material and soil testing.

The miniature transducers come in stroke ranges from ±0.005" to ±2" with ±0.25% linearity.  The MHR has an operating temperature range from -55°C to +150°C, with an option for 220°C operation, and an excitation frequency up to 20 kHz. 

The close electrical coupling between the coil and the core allows these compact LVDTs to offer high output sensitivity, providing a sufficient signal to interface with nearly all signal conditioning circuits.

The rugged transducers feature stainless steel housings as well as imperial or metric threaded cores. 

As with many of Measurement Specialties’ LVDTs, the MHR series windings are vacuum impregnated with a specially formulated, high temperature, flexible resin, which   provides protection against hostile environments such as high humidity, vibration and shock.

Mild radiation resistant versions as well as high pressure versions up to 20,000 psi submersed in oils (vented housing) are available upon request.

 The MHR series is compatible with Measurement Specialties’ full line of LVDT signal conditioners.  All units come with a calibration certificate. 

For more information, email sensors.help@meas-spec.com or visit http://meas-spec.com/product/position/MHR-Series.aspx.

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