Thursday, May 24, 2018
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XJTAG and Embedded Systems Solutions announce distribution partnership in India

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND – XJTAG has today announced a distribution agreement with ESS, a leading one-stop provider of hardware and software solutions for the real-time embedded systems market. ESS is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

"XJTAG is delighted to announce the appointment of Embedded Systems Solutions, a leading supplier of embedded solutions, as our distribution partner in India", commented Simon Payne, CEO, XJTAG. "The strategic relationship between our businesses will enable us to provide both local and global support for the growth of boundary scan solutions in the Indian market".

ESS and XJTAG share the goals of reducing the operational costs of their customers and accelerating development and time to market. ESS provide a range of embedded development tool suites, holistically supporting design, development and debugging processes across industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, defence, education, energy, industrial automation, instrumentation, medical and telecom/datacom. The market experience, technical capability and trusted status of ESS in India all mean they are an ideal partner for XJTAG.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for both companies", commented Gurunatham Gopalam, CEO ESS. "With the addition of XJTAG's world leading boundary scan products, ESS is able to provide a one-stop source for companies looking to develop embedded systems. We look forward to working with XJTAG and increasing the awareness and presence of boundary scan debug and test in India".

Companies based in India can request a 30-day free trial of the XJTAG development system by contacting or

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