Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Korean Tribunal Upholds Critical Dow Corning Patent for Industry-Leading LED Optical Silicone Encapsulants

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREASignaling the end of a patent battle lasting for almost three years, Korea’s Intellectual Property Tribunal (IPT) rejected an attempt to invalidate Dow Corning patent 10-976075. The patent is among Dow Corning’s rich intellectual property (IP) portfolio covering the company’s proprietary high refractive index (RI) phenyl-based optical silicone technology. These materials deliver RI as high as 1.54, compared to 1.41 for competitive methyl-based silicone chemistries. While seemingly small, that difference can translate into about 7 percent more light output. Achieving a comparable improvement from an LED chip would require significant investment.


In addition to higher RI, Dow Corning’s broad portfolio of phenyl silicone packaging materials delivers photo and thermal stability suitable for many middle and high-power general lighting applications, including chip-on-board LED architecture. Compared to methyl technology, phenyl-based silicone encapsulants generally offer a comparatively stronger gas barrier, which helps protect key LED components such as silver electrodes and phosphor against moisture deterioration and sulfur corrosion. LED electrodes double as reflective elements, and phosphor is a key element of light conversion. So, enhanced gas barrier protection helps maintain both the performance and reliability of LED output.




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