Sunday, June 24, 2018
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David Applegate Celebrates 20 Year Milestone with ACD

RICHARDSON, TX ACD, a leading supplier to the electronics industry, announces David Applegate’s 20-year anniversary with the company. Applegate joined ACD as a Senior Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Technician in 1993.

In addition to his milestone at ACD, Applegate has been in the electronics industry for more than 37 years. His previous experience includes 13 years with E-Systems (now Raytheon) where he worked as a Laser Photoplotter Technician. Applegate is proficient with Valor software and GC-CAM certified. “I enjoy having a personal relationship with the ownership ACD that I have never had any place else,” commented Applegate about his recent milestone with the company.

As a CAM Operator, Applegate analyzes and converts the design inputs to complete working drawings, instructions, Gerbers and machine programs. He uses software tools to review the design inputs, extracting the details and converting them into files formatted for the use of fabrication operations. Applegate performs the application of systems analysis techniques and procedures, including consulting with users to determine hardware, software, and system functional specifications. He documents, tests, creates and modifies documents related to fabrication.

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