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ASM Assembly Systems to exhibit at Productronica 2013

MUNICH, GERMANY - With its presence at the Productronica 2013 trade show (November 12-15, Messe München), ASM Assembly will continue to solidify its position as a global innovation and technology leader in electronics manufacturing equipment. Since experts believe that optimizing the overall production process harbors the greatest efficiency reserves, the SIPLACE team is centering its show presence around role- and production-specific workflows. The company therefore presents hardware, software and service innovations as fully integrated solutions that support and improve central processes in the areas of scheduling, NPI, production and optimization and make the jobs of schedulers, production managers and line operators easier. At the center of attention are also the latest versions of the SIPLACE X, SIPLACE SX, SIPLACE CA and SIPLACE Di placement platforms with their exceptional speed and flexibility for NPI processes, high-volume runs and quick product changeovers. In addition, the SIPLACE team demonstrates that tools which will be needed for the “Industry 4.0” concept are already available today. Besides the booth, the company will also take advantage of its proximity to the trade show grounds. Industry visitors can take shuttle buses directly from the Productronica to SIPLACE’s headquarters location to attend technology presentations covering the 03015 process from printing and inspection to placement to reflow soldering.

“With our SIPLACE X, SIPLACE SX, and SIPLACE Di placement platforms we set industry benchmarks in terms of speed, flexibility and price-performance ratio. And with our SIPLACE CA we offer not only the placement machine with the highest precision, but also the first high-precision platform that combines flip-chip, die attach and SMT processes for flexible submodule production. Modern electronics production, however, requires not only powerful placement platforms, but support for all workflows on the factory floor,” says Gabriela Reckewerth, Director Global SIPLACE Marketing. “We are the first manufacturer to focus on this kind of support at the Productronica fair. We will show industry visitors how we build consistent, process-conforming solutions from our portfolio of hardware, software and services – for phases like scheduling, NPI and production, but also for roles like schedulers, operators or production managers. This is where we see the greatest potential for OEMs and EMS providers to add more efficiency, quality and flexibility to their operations.”

Planners, line managers and production managers – all find “their” solution
For the first time, visitors at this year’s Productronica will find tools and solutions for specific manufacturing roles at the SIPLACE booth. For example, production managers can learn how they can keep an eye on the factory’s performance with the new SIPLACE Performance Monitoring. The software achieves this via the display of key performance indicators, thresholds and alarms. To make further improvements, the user can also run detailed ad-hoc analyses.

Another focus area of the SIPLACE software developers is production scheduling. SiCluster MultiLine is one of this area’s innovations being rolled out at the show. The software is the first that can generate setup families for all SIPLACE lines in the plant based on either performance maximization or minimize the setup effort.

New products at this year’s Productronica: Material Manager
Many line stops are caused by the unavailability of materials, resulting in low machine utilization rates and inefficiency. With the SIPLACE Material Manager, ASM Assembly Systems now offers a solution that was designed from the ground up for the special needs of electronics production. The modular software records components on the package level, assigns UIDs and performs paperless inventory management including bin administration, travel-optimized pick lists, etc. It also handles moisture-sensitive devices and their exposure times.

The future of electronics production – also at the SIPLACE HQ
Apart from the impressive exhibits at the trade show, this year once again visitors have the chance to learn more about the latest SIPLACE products at the SIPLACE in-house show. Gabriela Reckewerth says: „The Productronica is the world’s leading trade fair for electronics manufacturing and for good reason draws visitors from all over the world. As our headquarters are located in Munich, we have the unique chance to offer extensive insights into our SIPLACE toolbox, not only at the trade show, but in-house as well. Together with our customers, we will look into the future of electronics manufacturing.”

For more information about the hardware, software and service portfolio of SIPLACE, the attractions at the Productronica booth and the presentations at the company’s headquarters during the show, visit

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