Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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MPM Compact Printer Boosts Throughput
Compact printer can operate back-to-back.
Franklin, MA — Electronics manufacturers with high volume demands and floor space at a premium are increasingly employing Back-to-Back (BTB) configurations for their PCB assembly equipment, to maximize space efficiency without sacrificing throughput. The Dual Lane BTB-configurable MPM Momentum Compact printer satisfies both, and in addition, delivers high speed and high accuracy to maximize yields and product quality. According to the company, the Momentum Compact delivers the highest throughput for its footprint in the industry.

Back-to-Back processing allows a manufacturer to fit more lines in a given factory footprint. It is most often used by makers of consumer electronics, and automotive manufacturers. For BTB, the Momentum Compact is supplied in Dual Lane configuration and can be equipped with optional shuttle conveyors. When coupled with two SPI systems and mounters in a dual lane BTB configuration, the result is a line capable of independent production in each lane. The printer is designed with the potential for BTB setup, as full accessibility for service and maintenance is provided from the front of the machine, as is its unique slide-out solvent reservoir.

The unit is 30 percent smaller overall than the standard Momentum, and can be equipped with the MPM EnclosedFlow enclosed media printing system, a patent pending solution offering superb fine pitch printing results with paste volumes over 50 percent for 150 micron apertures with a 0.35 area ratio and more than 50 percent materials (paste) savings over metal blades.

Configured stand-alone or in-line, the Momentum Compact uses the SPI Print Optimizer, which monitors and auto-corrects X, Y, and B8 registration "on the fly" to prevent print defects. The printer is equipped standard with RapidClean, the company's high-speed stencil cleaning solution that can save up to $10,000 USD in wiper paper per year. Options include Edgeloc board snugging, Auto Paste Dispenser, Paste Height Monitor, EnclosedFlow Print System, 2D Contrast and Enhanced Inspection, SPI Print Optimizer, Quik-Tool Board Support, and AccuCheck Print Capability verification.

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