Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Oupiin Releases New Terminal Blocks
Barrier strips are just one of the types of terminal blocks being offered.
Valencia, CA — New from Oupiin America are updates to the company's terminal block line. It has expanded the 8930C, D and J by adding more styles and pitches, and has increased some of the J styles to 30 amps.

In its 8931, 8932 and 8933 series, the company has increased the pitch and expanded the body styles available. And the 8933 D is an entirely new series.

PC board mount styles are soldered directly to the PCB, and include 8930, 8931, 8932, and 8935.

Pluggable type 8933 has been designed to accommodate different applications, and different angles of the headers; plugs are provided for selection.

For Screwless type 8935, elastic materials are used for the structure of the clips, it is a convenient, shockproof, and high reliability block, requiring only a screwdriver to open the clips for wire entry.

The 8936 barrier strip type of terminal block is widely used in such fields as power supply, industrial control equipment, and home appliances. Some 8936 items are in production, and more are to be released. Preliminary specifications are available and may be subject to change.

Applications include home appliances; consumer electrical products — burglar alarms, dimmers, alarms; electrical machinery — controllers, converters, motors, meters, switch for the power supply; general industrial equipment — control panels, program controllers, frequency converters, motors, meters, and telecom.

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