Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Next-Gen Automotive Connectors from Yamaichi
Next generation board-edge-connecter.
Munich, Germany — The BEC (Board Edge Connector) has received a substantial upgrade; the first connector had 230 pins and a pitch of 0.5mm for modules meeting the MXM and Qseven standards developed and tested specifically for automotive applications. Now a new connector with identical outer dimensions has been developed, with the same pin count and pitch, and a nearly identical footprint layout, but with the capability of transmitting data supporting formats like USB3.0, HDMI or PCI Express 2.0.

This was made possible by a basic redesign of the contacts and further development of the insulating body. The connector also continues to meet the requirements of the automotive sector and is therefore also suitable for other demanding applications.

The contacts have the characteristics needed to ensure stable contact force even when subject to vibrations and shock. The spring characteristic of the contacts also permits tolerance compensation and reliable data transmission if modules with dimensions close to the tolerance limits are used.

One feature of the high-speed BEC, just as for its predecessor model, is the side extensions of the insulation body which not only fasten the SMT tabs but also have a threaded seam on both sides that offers the option for additional fastening of the module card. The module card can thus be screwed to the connector using screws. The larger SMT tabs are used for the ground connection and for the SMT connection — along with the 230 contacts — to the motherboard. The connector is available with different platings, e.g. Gold Flash, 15 and 30finch gold in the contact area. It is packaged and delivered in T&R. Fabrication is nearly entirely automated. The automated, 100 percent inspection ensures consistent, stable quality.

As a possible option, Yamaichi Electronics offers a power connector that rounds out the board edge family. In the case that all 230 contacts of the high-speed BEC are used for signal transmission (230 x 0.5A), the power connector can supply the power needed. Used on the side of the module opposite the HS-BEC, 10 contacts provide 1.5A each. The power connector contacts the module on the bottom of the module.

Soldering can be performed using the SMT process over the 10 pins and two SMT tabs. The connector is available in different platings, such as Gold Flash, 15 and 30µ inch gold in the contact area. It is delivered and packaged in tape-and-reel format.

Contact: Yamaichi Electronics USA, Inc., 475 Holger Way, San Jose, CA 95134 408-715-9100 fax: 408-715-9199 E-mail: info@yeu.com Web:
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