Monday, June 25, 2018
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Isola Intros High-Speed Materials for PCBs
Chandler, AZ — Isola Group S.a.r.l., a source for copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multi-layer PCBs, has introduced its new low-loss, low-skew, high-speed material, GigaSync. This product has been engineered to eliminate skew issues in high-speed designs that use differential pairs to create a balanced transmission system able to carry differential (equal and opposite) signals across a printed circuit board. The company has begun alpha site testing of GigaSync and expects field validation using industry-standard Test Vehicles (TVs) to be completed by November 2013.

Jitter and skew on gigabit per second and faster differential signals are traceable to the glass weave in PCB laminates. Skew caused by the fiber weave effect can be as high as 130 picoseconds when trace lengths exceed 20-in. (508mm). Speeding Edge, a consulting firm supporting several manufacturers of ultra-high performance products, has successfully validated that GigaSync reduces weave-induced skew on high-speed designs from 25Gb/s on up to 100Gb/s, using its proprietary Signal Integrity (SI) TV. GigaSync is a member of the same UL family as Isola's IS415, FR408, FR408HR and I-Speed® laminate and prepreg materials. Like other products in this family, GigaSync offers excellent thermal performance. PCBs can be manufactured using the same parameters as those used for FR408HR and I-Speed. GigaSync will be supplied with Reverse-Treated Foil (RTF) and VLP-2, very low profile copper with 2µm surface roughness (Rz) copper foil.

Contact: Isola Group S.a.r.l., 3100 West Ray Rd., Suite 301, Chandler, AZ 85226 480-893-6527 or 480-893-1409 Web:

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