Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Finetech Unveils High Force ACF Bonder

GILBERT, AZ  - Finetech, a global supplier of micro-assembly equipment, has developed a new high force configuration of its versatile FINEPLACER® pico ma platform targeting leading-edge anisotropic conductive film (ACF) applications. The tool achieves applied bonding forces of up to 700 N, which is critical to ensuring coherent and durable bonds between the chip and ACF to achieve higher signal densities and smaller overall packages.

Polymer-based ACF is used to create an electro-mechanical connection between two components. During ACF bonding, a combination of low temperature and high force is applied to the device, which activates the conductive spheres in the film. ACF technology has traditionally been used in LCD or chip-on-glass (COG); additional target applications include flex-on-glass (FOG), flex-on-board (FOB), flex-on-flex(FOF), chip-on-flex (COF) and chip-on-board (COB).

"This new configuration showcases the continued flexibility of Finetech's FINEPLACER platform," said Neil O'Brien, Director, Finetech USA. "ACF bonding faces unique challenges, such as high density interconnects in an enlarged bond area combined with multi chip settings. Addressing these requirements necessitates a system with a reinforced mechanical structure capable of applying high bonding forces. The new pico ma configuration increases the FINEPLACER's range of capabilities, further extending this modular bonding platform."

The high force bonder integrates a novel 700 N bonding force module as well as a new multi-chip transfer station and precision z-hub positioning table for high forces. The transfer station allows up to 4 components to be placed simultaneously and bonded with defined distances. The pico ma system achieves 5-micron placement accuracy. It can place component sizes from 0.125mm x 0.125mm to 40mm x 40mm and the shifting optics enable alignment of long chip edges. Additionally, it supports wafer or substrate sizes up to 8-inches.

The FINEPLACER platform delivers synchronized control of process related parameters including force, temperature, time, power, process environment, light and vision. Thesystem is well-suited to high-mix, low volume applications.

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