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Delo Intros New High-Tech Adhesives for Microlenses
Smart phones get a boost from new optical adhesives.
Windach, Germany — Delo Industrial Adhesives has developed new light-curing epoxy resins and acrylates for lens production. These innovative optical materials for microlenses are groundbreaking for the global consumer electronics industry as they fulfill all quality requirements of microoptics to the maximum extent, and allow fast and cost-efficient production. The materials are already in use in today's high-tech lenses for array cameras, mobile phones, LED flashlights and 3D screens.

According to the company, its innovative materials open up completely new possibilities to electronic manufacturers. The highly transparent lens imprint compounds, giving excellent thermal stability and the utmost optical quality, permits customers to produce their innovations in a quick, uncomplicated and even cost-efficient way, and push new developments as well.

The new products are characterized by minimal curing shrinkage, maximum optical quality, and dimensional stability during thermal stress. In addition, they are reportedly easy to integrate into automated production lines, and therefore help manufacturers achieve high production volumes at low cost.

For the production of plastic lenses, wafer level technology (WLT) has become established as it comprehensively satisfies the microoptics industry's many needs. WLT produces up to 4,000 objectives simultaneously and at low cost. The optical systems can be directly inserted into automated surface mounting machines, and soldered afterwards. This simplifies and accelerates the entire production process for a mobile phone.

The demand for high-performance mobile terminals is continuously increasing, and high-tech units such as mini 3D cameras (array cameras) enable more functions in ever smaller and thinner devices.

Contact: Delo Industrial Adhesives LLC, 144 North Road, Suite 2650 Sudbury, MA 01776 978-254-5275 fax: 978-610-6129 E-mail: Web: or

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