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Ticona's Zenite Solves Bow Issues in Molding
Florence, KY — Zenite® from Ticona, the engineering polymers business of Celanese Corporation, is the only liquid crystal polymer (LCP) to deliver the required ultra-flatness for the Tiger Eye Series TEM terminal strip from Samtec Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of electronic interconnects.

Well suited for low-profile connectors, which require better balanced shrinkage to avoid warpage, 50 percent mineral/glass fiber reinforced Zenite ZE55201 is the material of choice for Samtec in this TEM terminal strip because it is designed for applications requiring ultra-flatness. Lead-free solderable, high flow and low warpage, Zenite ZE55201 is part of the Vectra®/Zenite family of halogen-free, high-performance polymers from Ticona — said to be the world's largest LCP product line.

The Tiger Eye TEM is an industry standard. It meets the need for reliable micro-pitch, rugged interconnects thanks to the right combination of high-performance engineering thermoplastics and base metals, along with pin design, geometry and assembly process. The Tiger Eye contact family is one of Samtec's flagship brands and incorporates three or four finger contacts made from beryllium copper, which is preferred for micro-pitch connectors where the contact beam is very short and normal force must be maximized.

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