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3D Printing Has Arrived at Astrodyne
Mansfield, MA — A state-of-the-art 3D printer has taken up residence at Astrodyne's engineering department, where it will play a significant role in new product development. 3D designing and printing is helping enable breakthroughs in everything from the design and production of the latest power supplies and automotive parts all the way to printing skin grafts for burn victims and a future that may allow for the creation of new human organs to cure diseases.

This new and exciting equipment allows the company's engineering teams to deliver rapid solutions for its customers. Whether it is for standard or custom product development, 3D printing gives the company's engineers an extra degree of freedom to try new ideas and test innovative concepts all while saving the customer's money and time. The new 3D printer, permits designing and producing prototypes and full-run products in a matter of hours instead of the days and weeks normally required.

Contact: Astrodyne, 375 Forbes Boulevard, Mansfield, MA 02048 800-823-8082 or 508-964-6300 fax: 508-339-0375 Web:

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