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Nordson Intros New Temperature Controllers

Duluth, GA — Concert series temperature controllers from Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) provide an easy, economical way to increase application flexibility and capacity of material melters. The controllers allow individual temperature control of up to six heating zones for each melter, enabling ...

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Oupiin Releases New Terminal Blocks

Valencia, CA — New from Oupiin America are updates to the company's terminal block line. It has expanded the 8930C, D and J by adding more styles and pitches, and has increased some of the J styles to 30 amps.
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Passive Plus: Broadband RF Capacitor

Huntington, NY — Passive Plus has introduced its broadband capacitor — the PPI 0402BB104 — intended primarily for coupling RF signals or bypassing them to ground over extraordinarily large RF bandwidths. The new chip is a 100nF capacitor and offers resonance-free, low-loss operation from 16kHz ...
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PI: Mini Positioning Stage with Ceramic Motor

Auburn, MA — Precision positioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a more affordable version of the M-663 piezo motor positioning stage for new applications where speed, repeatability and compact dimensions are critical, but nanometer resolution is not required.
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Premo Adds 3-Phase+Neutral Line EMC Filters

Malaga, Spain — Newly introduced by Spanish manufacturer Premo is its high performance, compact and safe, 3-Phase+Neutral Line filter to meet high power demands for industrial applications. The company has extended filters in FOUR-WIRE (3 Phase + N) technology for higher power applications. Designated ...
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Pres-On Intros Cost-Effective Sealing and Cushioning

Bolingbrook, IL — Pres-On®, a supplier of adhesive-backed industrial products, has introduced an affordable new line of PVC foam tapes designed to seal out light, air, dust and moisture, while also providing a reliable cushion against vibration and noise. New Pres-On VF tapes are suitable for use ...

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ProTek Intros Overcurrent Chip Fuses

Tempe, AZ — ProTek Devices has introduced a family of overcurrent electronic chip fuses that add to the company's extensive offering of overvoltage product lines. Now, the company can provide electronics design manufacturers (EDM) with a single source for advanced and cost-effective circuit protection ...
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RFMW Intros TriQuint WLAN/LTE Coexistence Filter

San Jose, CA — RFMW, Ltd. has introduced the TriQuint Semiconductor 885033, a 2.4GHz Wireless LAN/Bluetooth and LTE coexistence filter. The 885033 provides high rejection in B38/40 bands, and RFMW now provides design and sales support for the filter.
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Ritron: Embedded Radios in COTS Package

Carmel, IN — Specialized wireless transceivers and radiomodems from Ritron provide OEMs and Integrators with wireless connectivity and COTS convenience in a compact, cost-effective package. Available in various configurations — including RF transceivers and radio modems — they permit integration ...
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Schleuniger Intros Programmable Cable Stripper

Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's CoaxStrip 5200 is a programmable, multi-step rotary cable stripping machine for stripping coaxial cables with outer diameters between 1.0 to 7.0mm (0.040 to 0.270-in.). Because of the unit's universally designed blades, centralizers and clamping jaws, the full range ...
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Sovella: Versatile Trolleys and Carts

Jyvaskyla, Finland — Work is not always confined to a single workstation and tools must be moved around accordingly. Each task is different and requires dedicated tools. Sovella trolleys and carts are suitable for this situation and significantly increase productivity up to 30 percent.
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Standex-Meder Gets New Approvals

Cincinnati, OH — Standex-Meder Electronics, a manufacturer of long-lasting miniature switches, sensors and relays, has received IP67 rating for reed sensors, a demanding accreditation, which certifies that the sensors are both totally protected against dust and protected against the effects of immersion ...
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Thermotron Intros Portable Shaker for HALT/HASS

Holland, MI — Thermotron Industries has released the RSL-16 Portable Shaker, a portable, integrated system for HALT/HASS with a new or existing Thermotron environmental test chamber with the universal port option.
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TT electronics Intros Rotary Position Sensors

Weybridge, UK — TT electronics' Sensing and Control Division is introducing a series of new non-contacting rotary position sensors that reportedly offer exceptional performance for up to 100 million revolutions.
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WAGO Intros Incremental Encoder

Germantown, WI — WAGO Corporation has added an HTL Incremental Encoder/Counter Module to its SPEEDWAY IP67 I/O-System. The machine-mountable 767-5202 evaluates incremental encoders and SSI absolute encoders at 24V signal levels in harsh environments. It also provides a counting function for binary ...
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