Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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New High Thermal Conductivity LED Die Attach Adhesive for Small Die and LEDs from Engineered Material Systems

DELAWARE, OH Engineered Material Systems, a leading global supplier of electronic materials for circuit assembly applications debuts its CA-195 High Thermal Conductivity, Low Cost Electrically Conductive LED Die Attach Adhesive for attaching LED and other small semiconductor die to silver and copper lead frames.

EMS CA-195 is approximately half the cost of a pure silver filled die attach adhesive, has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) to facilitate wire bonding small die, low extractable ionics and high adhesion to silver and copper lead frames. CA-195 has a dispense open time greater than 24 hours (measured as a 25 percent increase in viscosity), while maintaining optimized rheology for pin transfer or needle dispensing. The adhesive is ideal for small die thermal management applications.

CA-195 is the latest addition to Engineered Material Systems’ extensive line of electronic materials for semiconductor, circuit assembly, photovoltaic, printer head, camera module, disk drive and photonic applications.

For more information about the CA-105 Low Cost Electrically Conductive Die Attach Adhesive or to learn how Engineered Material Systems can define, develop and create an engineered material solution that is right for your company, visit

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