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ACE announces October 1-2 and 29-30 selective soldering workshops
SPOKANE VALLEY, WA - ACE Production Technologies, Inc., global supplier of selective soldering systems, is now taking reservations for its upcoming October selective soldering workshops. 

An introductory workshop will be held October 1-2, 2013 at ACE’s Spokane Valley, WA facility.  This comprehensive 2-day workshop is designed to educate and enhance an attendee’s working knowledge of the overall selective soldering process.  Topics include component limitations, clearance restrictions, flux chemistries, no-clean processing, and solder joint reliability issues, as well as problem solving and process optimization.  The classroom portion will be conducted by well-known process expert Bob Klenke of ITM Consulting while the hands-on portion will be taught by the expert staff members in the ACE application lab.

In addition, an advanced workshop will be held October 29-30, 2013 at the ACE facility.  This in-depth 2-day workshop focuses on providing a detailed understanding of printed circuit board construction such as copper layers, barrel plating and porosity.  The interaction between the printed circuit board and the selective soldering process as well as the heat flow characteristics within thermally challenging multilayer boards will be defined.  The classroom portion of this advanced workshop is instructed by renowned fabrication expert Stan Bentley of DIVSYS International with the hands-on segments taught by the ACE application staff.

Testimonials from some attendees of recent workshops:
“I learned a lot more than what I expected to.  They covered a number of areas that I didn’t know well, or had forgotten about over the years.  I had a number of questions for them and happily received a comprehensive answer for each one.  Being at the factory was one of my favorite aspects of the workshop.  I could visit whatever department I wanted to, and pick their brain for information and answers.  I asked several questions of various people in different departments and they all either had the answer already, or found it for me.  Since the workshop, I am able to operate our machines more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”

“Your efforts and hard work were greatly appreciated by us.  You guys were great teachers, hosts and just great people.  I learned a tremendous amount of information on the selective soldering process at this workshop that I know will help tremendously as I start into selective soldering at our company.  Again thanks for the great knowledge and great hospitality.”

“I want to thank everyone at ACE for your instruction, peer-to-peer discussions and most importantly your hospitality.  The time and effort put into your products was reflected in each of the members I met on this past trip, magnanimously.  It was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet with each of you and see just what goes into each of your selective solder machines, and the culture of your business.  Thank you again for your time knowledge and hospitality, it will not be forgotten.”

“I wanted to sincerely thank you and your staff for the training class we just finished.  We gained some invaluable knowledge from both aspects of the workshop.   Everyone that we came across within your facility treated us like we were the most important customer to your organization, which is extremely refreshing.  Your application people were a delight to work with, they are not only very knowledgeable but the customer service was at a very high level.  They helped open our eyes when it comes to tips and techniques as well as processes.  On our plant tour every person we encountered extended a helping hand and made sure that all of our needs were met.  Overall the whole experience was wonderful and I can’t express my gratitude for everything that ACE has done and will continue to do for us.  This trip in conjunction with the high level of customer service we’ve received from day one has cemented what I hope to be a long term business relationship with ACE.”

The curriculum for these workshops is based on real-world practices and covers all aspects of the selective soldering process.  Handout and reference materials are provided to each attendee. 

For more information about these selective soldering workshops, or to register for the workshops, contact Rae Ann Miller at or call 509-924-4898, Ext. 102.

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