Sunday, May 27, 2018
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XJTAG goes on tour in Asia

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND – XJTAG, a world-wide supplier of JTAG boundary scan products, has announced that it is going on tour around Asia, visiting locations in China and Taiwan in September to meet engineers, host training seminars and run workshops.

Building on the huge success of the XJTAG workshops in the UK and Europe, they are now being rolled out across the globe. Asia is one of the first places to host the XJTAG team.

A series of hands-on workshops will focus on an introduction to JTAG and how the XJTAG boundary scan tool suite maximizes its potential for test and development. The XJTAG workshops will not only provide engineers with this introduction but will also demonstrate how this innovative debug, test and programming solution can be used throughout the product life cycle. Site visits and demonstrations are also planned so interested businesses can see up-close the potential contained within the development system.

“We’re very excited to have the opportunity to meet so many companies across Asia” said Simon Payne CEO XJTAG. “XJTAG is designed to help those at the cutting edge of innovation. These visits will allow us to demonstrate the benefit of using XJTAG throughout the product life cycle from early in the design stage right though to production and to provide real examples of how much we can improve design, test and programming.”

The workshops and visits will be of interest to companies working in the design and production of embedded electronics, especially those who work with BGA packages, FPGAs, CPUs and CPLDs.

Workshops are currently planned in Shenzhen and Taipei. To find out more details and to book, please visit or email

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