Friday, May 25, 2018
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Smartphone manufacturer TCL Mobile selects SIPLACE equipment

The SIPLACE X4i S sets a new record in performance per unit of floor space. Its SIPLACE SpeedStar 20-nozzle Collect & Place heads are even able to place 01005 with no performance reduction.

MUNICH, GERMANY - With its investment in SIPLACE SX-Series and X-Series placement machines, TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd. in Huizhou, China, responds to the world’s steadily rising demand for smartphones. TCL Mobile, one of the world’s largest producers of consumer electronics and part of the TCL Group, has been producing mobile communication devices under the TCL and Alcatel OneTouch brands since 1999. Qu Weihua, head of TCL Mobile’s SMT department, says about his company’s investment: “We have been working with the SIPLACE experts since 2009, when they introduced the first generation of the SIPLACE X-Series. In my opinion, the SIPLACE people are true pioneers. They are always a step ahead and provide us with the latest technologies. The unique flexibility of the SIPLACE machines is just one of their features that enable us to meet our high demands. This year we once again compared the SIPLACE machines with equipment from other makers and performed thorough evaluations. In the end we selected SIPLACE, because we are confident that the machines will meet our requirements for a very long time.” 

The TCL Mobile plant in Huizhou currently has 32 SIPLACE SMT production lines on which the company churns out 40 to 50 million smartphones per year. Even in 1999, when the company was founded, TCL Mobile operated with SIPLACE HS-50 and F5 HM machines.  Today there are 64 placement machines in Huizhou, many of them SIPLACE X-Series machines. Because of the high level of demand, TCL Mobile recently purchased additional SIPLACE SX-Series and X-Series machines. “The extremely short setup changeover times and the low reject rate as well as the excellent 01005 capabilities were very important to us, because these features enabled us to eliminate some bottlenecks in our production,” explains Qu Weihua and continues: “Also important was SIPLACE’s fast support, starting with the placing of the order up until the ramp up of the line. We were able to rely on the SIPLACE engineers’ ample knowledge 24/7, on site. Over the last five years we have grown by an average of 30 percent per year. With the new SIPLACE equipment we are ready to face some more welcome surprises in the future.”

Ideal for smartphone production
The new generation of the SIPLACE X-Series delivers up to ten percent more performance than its predecessor in a smaller footprint but with the same number of feeder slots. New features and the enhanced user interface of the SIPLACE Line Monitor and SIPLACE Explorer provide the process transparency TCL Mobile needs while significantly increasing the performance of the entire smartphone production. The new SIPLACE X-Series generation is a particular good choice for high-speed applications that nevertheless require a great deal of precision – just as you often find them in telecommunications production. While delivering a benchmark rating of 120,000 cph (theoretical rating: 135,000 cph), the machines take up only 1.9 x 2.6 meters (6.23 x 8.5 feet) of floor space. The new SIPLACE X4i S even sets a new footprint performance record. For the smartphone lines, the new machines were equipped with SIPLACE SpeedStar 20-nozzle Collect & Place heads which can even place 01005 components at full speed.

About TCL Communication
TCL Communication current has over 3,000 employees in its R&D centers in Paris, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Ningbo, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Huizhou. In Huizhou, Guangdong Province, TCL Mobile produces mobile communication devices under the TCL and Alcatel OneTouch brands in one of one of China’s largest and modern mobile phone manufacturing plants for the worldwide market.

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