Thursday, May 24, 2018
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ACE debuts new in-line selective fluxing and preheating system

SPOKANE VALLEY, WA ACE Production Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of selective soldering systems, introduces its new concurrent fluxing and preheating module that complements and appreciably increases the throughput of an ACE KISS-104 selective soldering system.

The ACE in-line fluxer and preheating unit is an intelligent dual purpose system that significantly reduces the process time by concurrently applying flux to the specific components to be soldered, then preheating the board in preparation for soldering while the board previously fluxed is being soldered by a KISS-104 selective soldering system.  A wide range of various flux types can be applied with either an atomizing flux applicator for rapid application or a precision drop-jet applicator for no-clean processing.

A considerable advantage of the ACE flux applicators is that they are unlike any others and feature rugged yet simple construction that outperform all other applicators by handling a wide range of flux chemistries including low pH fluxes down to 2.0 as well as fluxes with solids content as high as 35%.  The ACE in-line fluxer and preheating unit can be equipped with either an atomizing or drop-jet applicator, or alternatively it can be equipped with dual atomizing and drop-jet flux applicators for greater flexibility.

Six separate zones of topside preheating provide a controlled ramp to soldering temperature without inducing thermal stress upon sensitive components while maintaining a uniform temperature gradient and stable topside board temperature.  The entire preheating system is closed-loop controlled providing for a repeatable and robust soldering process.

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