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RLE Technologies and Northwire manufacture disaster prevention solutions
OSCEOLA, WI – Cable engineering company Northwire, Inc., (NWI) and RLE Technologies have collaborated to protect critical systems and equipment with the next generation of field-proven, environmental monitoring solutions. Ranging from Major League Baseball to national security interests, the breadth of applications for RLE’s solutions are as extensive. With over 7 million feet of Northwire manufactured leak detection sensing cable installed in a wide variety of systems around the globe, RLE’s technically advanced, scalable solutions feature the unique combination of easy installation and customer service supported by highly experienced, custom cable product experts.
Guided by their company Vision, ‘RLE Technologies exists to prevent disasters, preserve clients’ reputations, and provide peace of mind’, RLE and NWI collaborate to design, engineer, manufacture, and support cutting edge products to protect their customers’ people and assets. “RLE is laser focused on developing exceedingly configurable, ultra-reliable solutions for our customers’ highly sensitive critical environments,” explains Chris Pullen, President of RLE Technologies.  “With nearly 30 years of experience providing field-proven disaster mitigation technologies globally, we don’t just have engineers that know how to design and build great products - we have a deep understanding of the industries we support. This enables us to be proactive and prevent real-world problems before they happen.”      
While RLE manufactures all of the major monitoring controller solutions for wired and wireless monitoring of critical environments - including leak detection, facility monitoring & managements systems, and system integration, NWI provides the manufacturing support for a key input for the system: the sensing cable systems. The fluid sensing cable acts as a communications lifeline that alerts central command to the presence of water or other conductive fluids that could otherwise wreak havoc on sensitive assets.  Manufactured by Northwire for RLE, the conductive fluid sensing cable is scalable, durable, flexible, resistant to false alarms, quick to install, easy to clean and fast drying. When connected to a RLE SeaHawk single or multi-zone controller, the sensing cable assemblies detect the presence of fluid in each zone, and the controller indicates which zone is in alarm status.  When connected into a SeaHawk distance read controller, the sensing cable not only determines the presence of a conductive fluid, but also pinpoints the exact location of the fluid along the cable route.  
Available in standard and custom cable lengths, each end of the water leak sensor cable features mating connectors for quick and easy installation and expansion of existing leak detection systems. “Collaborating with RLE and other esteemed customers on research, test and new product development enables a more intimate appreciation of our customers’ critical-to-quality requirements and their customers as well,” expresses Kevin DePratter, Director of R&D for Northwire.  “Our goal is to enhance your competitive advantage so you can win more business with your customer.  For over a dozen years, our partnership with RLE has helped their customers achieve peace of mind, avoid disasters, safety issues, equipment damage, productivity downtime and loss of revenue,” elaborates DePratter. 
Currently, RLE is offering a 10% manufacturers’ discount available on purchases made before November 30, 2013. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts, orders requesting this discount must be placed at 800.518.1519. RLE works with customers to find cost-effective answers to unique project needs.
Powered by Northwire solutions from Concept to Completion, NWI Lab360 leverages professional certification in Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management and the American Society for Quality to ensure that customer’s requirements are translated into exact product specification.   Northwire offers a comprehensive Quality Management System comprised of Certifications to ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C:2009. Northwire is also ISO 17025 compliant.  Working closely with third party testing, Northwire maintains various UL, ANSI, CSA, cUL, cULus, CE, NEC, AWM, IEEE, NPFA, SAE, ABS, OSHA and MSHA approvals.

Field-proven with over 41 years of design, test and development, and cable manufacturing expertise, rely on Northwire’s subject matter experts to navigate complex domestic and international standards, agency compliance, environmental regulations and electrical, mechanical, ergonomic, aesthetic, harsh duty cord, and end-user requirements. Connect today to learn more about Northwire cable engineering company’s product development capabilities by contacting  800.468.1516, or through Live Chat

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