Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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ACE dual solder nozzle option increases flexibility and efficiency

SPOKANE VALLEY, WA ACE Production Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of selective soldering systems, introduces its dual solder nozzle pump assembly which provides significantly greater flexibility and efficiency for the selective soldering process.

The dual nozzle feature allows two different sized solder nozzles operating in tandem, so the user can use only the appropriate nozzle for a given site, to handle a wide range of component types and sizes on a printed circuit board assembly.  Thanks to this feature, a circuit board with different size components can be processed in a single pass eliminating multiple passes or the need to manually change nozzles during the soldering process.

For example, the new ACE dual nozzle feature allows soldering of a small component using a 3mm or 6mm nozzle, as well as soldering of multi-row connectors during the same program using a large 12mm or 18mm nozzle.  Both nozzles operate independently but within a single soldering program for simpler and easier setup and operation.  Each nozzle can move up and down independently under program control and is powered by its own programmable pump.  This feature allows the solder volume and wave height to be set specifically for a particular nozzle or printed circuit board assembly.

Individually programmable, dual solder nozzles speed up the selective soldering process, reduces board handling and thermal exposure as well as boosting efficiency.  The dual nozzle system is available for tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys and uses all standard bullet and wave nozzles.  Larger dynamic wave, flat surface wave or special purpose mass dip nozzles can also be used.  This new feature is available on all new ACE selective soldering machines and can also be retrofitted to most existing machines in the field for improved performance and flexibility.

About ACE
ACE Production Technologies, Inc. designs and builds simple and affordable selective soldering and lead tinning systems suitable for lead-free and tin-lead electronics assembly.  ACE’s complete line of rugged and reliable selective soldering systems all feature lead-free compatible solder pots and are ideal for low to medium volume production.  ACE also provides solderability testing, lead tinning services and process development services. 

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