Thursday, April 26, 2018
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LPKF Intros New Laser Plastic Welding System
Laser welding system.
Tualatin, OR — LPKF Laser and Electronics has developed a cutting-edge laser plastic welding system for bonding and sealing of micro-channels in microfluidic devices. Able to achieve beam spot sizes down to 56µm, the PrecisionWeld system is designed to handle microfluidic applications with even the most demanding accuracy and tolerances requirements.

The system comes standard with a fiducial recognition camera for added accuracy that can even detect part-to-part deviations that standard fixturing cannot.

The PrecisionWeld is outfitted with a 1940nm wavelength fiber laser that allows for the bonding of clear plastics without any special absorbing additives. The unit is excellent for applications that require optical clarity for esthetics, UV curing, analysis or reduced cost.

LPKF welding machines come as turnkey, laser welding solutions. All of the components necessary to the process are included: laser source and optics, motion control (galvo-scanner coupled with x/y table), clamping module, PC interface, contour software and all are encased in a sleek, user-friendly design that can be rolled into any lab.

Contact: LPKF Laser & Electronics, 12555 SW Leveton Dr., Tualatin, OR 97062 800-345-5753 or 503-454-4200 fax: 503-682-7151 E-mail: Web:

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