Friday, May 25, 2018
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JNJ Intros Cleaner for Flat Panels and Touch Screens
Touch screen and flat panel cleaning system.
Franklin, MA — JNJ Industries has introduced its new Flat Panel and Touch Screen Display Cleaner system for cleaning all types of glass panel displays. Developed by the company specifically for glass panel displays and especially touch screens found on computers, tablets, and smartphones, this gentle optical quality cleaning kit removes dirt, dust, finger oils, and other soils, but will not harm or remove protective finishes such as mirror or anti-reflective coatings.

The JNJ new cleaner is a two-part kit comprised of a specially-formulated cleaning solution provided in a convenient spray bottle, accompanied by a washable and reusable woven micro fiber cloth cleaning wipe, the company's OptiSmart wipe, designed specifically for scratch-free lens wiping.

The cleaner is designed for tablet computers, lap top or notebook screens, computer monitors, flat panel TV screens, touch screen monitors, cell phones, and all mobile devices that utilize touch screen technology, but also on any glass or plastic surface where finger prints and skin oils are commonly deposited, whether it is a touch screen or not. The cleaner is suitable for eyeglasses and safety glasses as well. The OptiSmart wipe provided with the cleaner will not scratch even the most delicate glass surface and will leave the display crystal clear.

The micro fiber Optismart wipe can also be ordered separately in packs of 5 in a larger size for use on larger surface area displays.

Contact: JNJ Industries, Inc., 290 Beaver St., Franklin, MA 02038 800-554-9994 or 1-508-553-0529 fax: 508-553-9973 Web:

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