Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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High Accuracy Length Gauge from Heidenhain
Measuring system in manufacturing environment.
Schaumburg, IL — Heidenhain has introduced the ACANTO 30xx, the newest product in the company's line of high-accuracy length gauges. The ACANTO 30xx has a 30mm measuring stroke, suitable for measuring objects of multiple sizes or for applications which require a long travel.

The gauge has an EnDat 2.2 serial interface which outputs absolute position data. Upon power up, the ACANTO will know exactly where it is without needing cross reference marks. Datum information will also be stored with the gauge. In addition, when used in combination with the company's GAGE CHEK digital readout, ND287 digital readout, or MSE 1000 multiplexor, diagnostic information for the ACANTO can be checked. The online diagnostics ensure that the operator is always informed about the current condition of the length gauge.

The gauge has a detachable cable for easy installation, and servicing and comes in two variants, manual or pneumatic. Both variants have an accuracy grade of ± 2 µm and a resolution of 368 nm. In order to satisfy the harsh environmental demands for in-process measurements, the ACANTO 30xx has IP 67 protection allowing it to be temporarily immersed in water. The plunger is held by a sturdy ceramic/polymer friction bearing making the gauge less sensitive to excessive clamping and side loading. It has a life cycle of 5 million load cycles and is excellent for automated industrial measurements.

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