Sunday, May 27, 2018
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A-Tek Intros Getech Depaneling Machine
Depaneling machine.
Longmont, CO — A-Tek Systems Group is introducing the Getech GSR1290, the latest standalone router in the GSR-Series. Made by Getech Automation Pte Ltd, the unit is backed by more than 20 years of experience manufacturing depaneling systems and over 1000 systems installed worldwide, including both standalone (batch) and in-line (automated) PCB depaneling machines.

Built on the robust Getech GSR-platform, the new unit has the largest processing window available on the market today — capable of handling panels up to 910 x 610mm (36 x 24-in.). Configured as a single table, standalone router, the GSR1290 has the flexibility to depanel both tabbed as well as scored assemblies by manually interchanging the Z-Axis cutting assembly. This flexible option allows the user to exchange the cutting mechanism from spindle to a saw to meet mixed assembly depaneling requirements.

Maximum performance is achieved through the use of advanced precision manipulators on all axis. The GSR1290 has 3 highly rigid, compact linear axes driven by maintenance-free AC servo motors. The heavy duty, preloaded linear guides reportedly provide a mechanical repeatability of ±0.01mm. Maintaining this level of repeatability ensures the user of a highly reliable, repeatable and accurate post-assembly routing process resulting in accurately singulated boards. With cut speeds up to 100mm/sec and positional speeds up to 1000mm/sec, the unit is said to be the largest, fastest and most accurate depaneling machine available today.

The Getech software interface is a user-friendly Windows®-based program with easy-to-use pull-down menus and automatic backup of program files. In addition, the operating software includes useful tools such as monitoring and tracking tool use and filter bags. The machine has an assortment of tooling options to meet various budgets including universal (adjustable), dedicated and vacuum tooling.

The GSR1290 is an excellent machine for meeting different panelization specifications, and provides a machine platform that will secure, support and singulate the individual boards without putting any undue stresses on the value-added assemblies.

Contact: A-Tek Systems Group LLC, 1329 Sherman Drive, Longmont, CO 80501 970-532-5100 fax: 970-532-5101 Web:

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