Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Conductive Compounds Inc. Gets ISO Certification
Hudson, NH — Conductive Compounds Inc. has received ISO 9000:2008 certification by the independent third-party auditing firm, NQA of Acton, MA. ISO 9000:2008 is the recognized quality management system in over 180 countries. Certification reaffirms Conductive Compounds commitment to providing an effective quality management system and responsibility to provide quality products. As part of the certification process, Conductive Compounds, Inc. implemented additional documentation and procedures to meet the ISO criteria in an effort to improve and enhance company performance and to better meet customer requirements.

Contact: Conductive Compounds, Inc., 17 Hampshire Drive, Unit 8, Hudson, NH 03051 603-595-6221 fax: 603-595-6228 E-mail: Web:

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