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SEHO Intros Machine Communication Across Locations
Software monitors selective soldering systems.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH is introducing machine communication software for its PowerSelective selective soldering system. The software allows comprehensive control of the soldering process with access to various machines that are installed in different production sites worldwide.

The mcServer machine communication software collects and integrates information about production processes, both across production sites and production systems. This allows all persons who are involved in the production process fast access to real-time information via the intranet or Internet respectively.

The software records, consolidates and archives data from the machine. In addition, it visualizes and analyzes process parameters using a straightforward user interface and makes data available for other applications, such as customer networks.

The main screen of the mcServer software shows a machine list indicating all soldering systems that are connected with mcServer. Upon selecting a machine, the status screen shows the current situation of the individual machine. Information about current and recently produced assemblies and operational states of the machine is made available. Moreover, mcServer is connected to the cameras that are installed in the soldering machine that allows live viewing of the production process. An easy-to-use filter supports report generation for documentation.

Contact: Seho North America, Inc., 1420 Jamike Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018 859-371-7346 fax: 859-282-6718 E-mail: sehona@sehona.com Web:
http://www.sehona.com or http://www.seho.de

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