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SCS Intros Breakthrough Antimicrobial Parylene Technology
A medical device that can be coated with microRESIST.
Indianapolis, IN — Specialty Coating Systems has made a significant breakthrough in Parylene coating technologies: SCS microRESIST Antimicrobial Parylene Technology. The company's new microRESIST combines the benefits of Parylene with antimicrobial properties to effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms on coated devices and components.

As healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) increase and continue to pose a challenge to hospitals and healthcare facilities, providers are tasked with improving patient health while reducing the risk of infection. SCS provides a new solution by offering manufacturers antimicrobial coating technology that effectively eliminates microorganisms.

Testing per JIS Z 2801, SCS microRESIST has demonstrated greater than 5 Log reduction after 24 hours on 14 common microorganisms, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The coating technology has also been tested for long-term effectiveness against E. coli, and achieved greater than 5 Log reduction.

The technology can be applied to a variety of devices and applications where antimicrobial properties are critical during a product's use.

Contact: Specialty Coating Systems, Inc., 7645 Woodland Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278 800-356-8260 or 317-244-1200 fax: 317-240-2073 Web:

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