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DuPont Expands Thermal Substrate Output
Thermally conductive substrate.
Research Triangle Park, NC — DuPont Circuit and Packaging Materials, part of DuPont Electronics and Communications, has increased its ability to produce and supply DuPont CooLam® thermal substrate products by more than seven times its previous level, to better serve its customers in the fast-growing global LED lighting market. The thermal substrates are designed to dissipate heat in LED lighting applications which help enable LED manufacturers to offer longer life, greater reliability and better light quality from LED bulbs.

Demand for LED lighting is expected to surge while the price of LED bulbs continues to fall, as evidenced by the high-quality, energy-efficient $10 USD LED bulbs that are now available from home improvement stores. The company expects to see even more LED lighting products made with DuPont CooLam thermal substrates as the market continues to grow. The global LED lighting market grew about 80 percent year-over-year between 2011 and 2012, and is projected to grow another 50 percent from 2012 to 2013, according to industry estimates. DuPont, which began producing CooLam at its manufacturing facility in Towanda, PA, has scaled up additional production at its state-of-the-art Hsinchu, Taiwan, facility to accommodate this greater demand.

For an LED light bulb to deliver a long and efficient life span, a reliable thermal substrate is required. The DuPont thermal substrates are made with a proprietary polyimide dielectric specially designed to be thermally conductive, and dissipate heat more rapidly and more reliably than conventional filled epoxy-based boards. With very low thermal impedance, and a maximum operating temperature of 180°C, CooLam thermal substrates help ensure stable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions. The company offers three CooLam product types for today's demanding thermal applications. The newest, CooLam 3D thermal substrates are designed for innovative omnidirectional A-19 replacement bulbs and general lighting fixtures, where directed lighting is required. CooLam LX is designed for LED replacement bulbs, and other lighting applications such as high bay lighting and outdoor LED lighting, where very low thermal impedance is required. CooLam LA is designed for general LED lighting with more stringent electrical performance needs.

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