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Fast Drying Stencil Cleaner from Kyzen
New products tackle difficult cleaning problems.
Nashville, TN — Kyzen is showcasing its newest fast-drying stencil cleaner Kyzen® E5615 — an innovative aqueous-based stencil cleaner. It removes unreflowed solder paste from stencils and other related equipment, without requiring a rinse. The cleaner addresses the market need for a stencil cleaner that dries quickly, using only airflow at ambient temperature, and without staining. Also being shown, MICRONOX® MX2305 is a semi-aqueous solvent blend designed to remove difficult high-lead flux and solder paste residues. The neutral pH provides low impact on the environment while maintaining superior cleaning results. MX2305 offers excellent compatibility including Nitride, PI and Silicon, and is designed for all immersion and wet process cleaning tools.

MICRONOX MX2305 is available in five, 25 and 200 liter (one, five, and 55 gallon) containers and KYZEN E5615 is available in 25 and 200 liter (five, and 55 gallon) containers. In addition, the company offers a full line of precision cleaning chemistries to address a vast range of cleaning challenges.

Contact: Kyzen, 430 Harding Industrial Dr., Nashville, TN 37211 800-845-5524 or 615-831-0888 fax: 615-831-0889 E-mail: Web:

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