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Helukabel Opens Up Expanded Global Logistics Center
Helukabel® global logistics center, recently expanded to approximately 1.85 million sq. ft., now includes a fully-automated, high-bay storage and retrieval warehouse.
Hemmingen, Germany — Helukabel® has recently expanded the company's global logistics center in Hemmingen near Stuttgart, Germany. The $50 million project allowed the company to more than double its warehousing capacity, providing a foundation for further growth in the future.The goal of the expansion is to allow the company to continue to provide rapid order delivery and maintain its role as a valued supplier in the global market. The heart of the approximately 1.85 million sq. foot complex is the fully-automated, high-bay storage and retrieval warehouse. The logistics expansion adds 23,900 pallet locations to the existing 16,600 stock locations in the high-bay racks. Using state-of-the-art conveyor and control systems, the high-bay warehouse offers a level of automation that speeds up material flow and guarantees on-time deliveries.

The new automated small parts stocking area offers 33,400 locations for Helukabel's cable accessory business as well as a staging area for pre-packed order items. Heavy cable drums with a weight of up to four tons can be found in the heavy load storage area, with 670 bays built in a silo configuration. Order picking and packing stations have also been enhanced with ergonomically designed handling equipment for improved efficiency.

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