Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals Provides Energy and Cost Saving Studies to Single and Multi-Facility Operations

Power analysis and energy studies have quickly come into demand for facility managers, electrical engineers and contractors of small companies and major corporate enterprises, sometimes stemming from a recent inflation of the electric bill or the desire to Go Green.
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals is helping industrial and facility managers perform energy monitoring studies, which identify cost saving opportunities, with power quality analyzers, to troubleshoot and verify power distribution, monitor phase unbalances, measure and record power system quality, and determine overall electrical power efficiency and compliance.  Renting a complete supply of power quality analyzers allows companies to perform extensive energy studies across multiple facilities, simultaneously, immediately and cost effectively.

power quality recorders like the Fluke 1750 perform long-term analysis by continuously capturing power distribution and provide the most comprehensive results. The included wireless PDA “front panel interface” provides remote access for setup verification and reviewing recorded information without the need of a laptop, ideal for monitoring multiple facilities together.

Basic handheld analyzers, such as, the Fluke 435 II measure and quantify energy loss due to harmonics and unbalance issues, allowing the user to pinpoint the origin of energy waste within a system, and the Dranetz PowerXplorer™ PX5 provides a color touch screen to display data on four voltage channels and four current channels simultaneously. Both the Fluke 435 II and Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 are designed to locate, predict, prevent, and troubleshoot power quality problems, and can perform measurements for 50/60 Hz power frequency systems. They also meet international power quality standards such as IEEE 1159 and IEC 61000-4-30 for accuracy and measurement requirements.

ATEC also carries the Fluke 437 II and the Dranetz PX5-400 which are used in aerospace, military and defense applications, and other systems operating at 400 Hz. These portable handheld analyzers, for example, can be used in the field to validate or troubleshoot the electrical system within a military submarine, aircraft or other transport applications.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals has a vast supply of these and other power analyzers available for any size operation and simple how-to-videos are also available on YouTube.

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