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Apply Line Scan Technology for Improved AOI

Automated optical inspection (AOI) is a critical part of ensuring high quality in production printed-circuit boards (PCBs). But to ensure quality, many AOI equipment suppliers simply will add an additional downward-looking, field-of-view (FOV) camera, circled by a ring light to help ...

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Driving SMT Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Electronic content has been increasing steadily in automobiles, and the large and growing automotive markets in North and South America offer great business opportunities for electronics components manufacturers. But those suppliers must consider some special requirements of the automotive ...

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PC-Based Vision Simplifies SMD Component Placement

Populating today's PCBs requires high-speed and high-accuracy component placement. The Genesis and Advantis® surface-mount placement systems from Universal Instruments Corp. has helped PCB builders at both original equipment manufacturers' and contract electronics manufacturers' facilities ...

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Size Up Component Defects Nondestructively

Acoustic microscopic imaging can locate internal defects in packaged integrated circuits (ICs) and other components without physically damaging the package. The microscope's transducer sends a pulse of ultrasound into the sample. The pulse is reflected, partly or entirely, by material ...

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Sizing Up the Benefits of Quantum Computers

Computers have come a long way in recent decades, driven by the power available in microprocessors. Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore at one time (in a 1965 technical paper) proposed that the number of components in an integrated circuit (IC) or microprocessor would double each two years ...

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Take The Guesswork Out Of AOI: Measure

Automated optical inspection (AOI) has become an essential tool for SMT production lines, although the use of AOI systems and technology is far from standard in the industry. Initially, the main objective in using AOI equipment was to improve quality and productivity by reducing the ...

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