Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Pillarhouse Introduces New Selective Soldering Process Control

Pillarhouse is introducing a methodology for increasing process control in selective soldering purity analysis at the nozzle with the new ‘Pillarhouse Closed Loop Nozzle Inertion Detector’

One of the most important elements in ensuring good quality solder joints and consistent quality of solder is maintaining an inert atmosphere. Inertion of the nozzle tip relies on a constant flow of high purity nitrogen. Whether the Nitrogen is supplied from tanks, a cryogenic source or a generator, the Nitrogen purity must be 99.998%* or better.  Pillarhouse generators produce Nitrogen at a minimum of 50ppm and provide an excellent atmosphere in which to solder.

Regardless of the source, control of the Nitrogen purity from arrival at the machine to the point of soldering is extremely important. Pillarhouse has developed an addition to their existing oxygen analyzer option, which is available on the full range of machines. Currently, the oxygen analyzer will give the purity of the incoming Nitrogen in ppm and will stop the process if it is found to be outside of the control limits. 

The new Pillarhouse Closed Loop Nozzle Inertion Detector gives purity detection at the nozzle. This means that a comparison can be made between the known factory supplied ppm level and the level at the point of soldering. Any changes or losses in purity can be investigated and logged.

The method for using this detector is both simple and quick. Once the machine has been taught the positioning for the ‘sniffer tube’ the operator can simply ask it to make a reading whenever it is necessary and within 2 minutes the results are shown on the PillarComm screen. The detection system tube creates suction close to the nozzle, then the continuous sample is cooled and analyzed. This offers increased process control for users giving the ability to assess the impact quality of Nitrogen has on the finished soldered joint.

*In certain conditions high flow rate nozzles can accommodate slightly lower ppm levels.

CONTACT: Jonathan Wol, Pillarhouse, USA  201 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 : 847-593-9080 Fax: 847-593-9084  www.pillarhouse.biz

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