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Mobility Drives Electronics: Multitest’s Solutions for Efficient Test
Rosenheim, Germany, July 2013: Mobility is the driving force in electronics. Analysts see the strongest growth in semiconductors and sensors for mobile devices. Accordingly, the cloud servers need to be equipped with sufficient performance and functionality to support the huge user base. Functionality and performance of mobile devices is continuously increasing. Combined with the trend to reduce form factors, this requires small and highly integrated packages: WLSCP, PoP, 2.5D and 3D. To comply with the requirements for functionality and performance, the highly integrated packages contain heterogeneous stacks. 3D packages may contain memory, sensors, logic and RF. The demand for smartphones, tablets and ultra books requires high volumes of semiconductors and sensors, but in a fast-changing consumer market the ASPs and, therefore, the production costs are critical.  

ICs and sensors for mobile applications have special test requirements and test handling needs to ensure high throughput and high yields to achieve best cost of test. In addition to the mechanical challenges caused by the smallest form factors and fragile packages combined with high pin counts, thermal issues resulting from the package density need to be managed. Contactors and PCBs need to deliver best electrical and mechanical performance to meet the requirements of small and highly integrated ICs. 

Mobility has challenging requirements. Best overall test performance can be achieved if all test cell elements are harmonized. James Quinn, VP of Sales and Marketing, comments: “Optimal performance of the overall system counts in the end. Totally integrated solution will optimize investment cost, cost of test and test yield. Multitest provides advanced test solutions that meet these special requirements.”
MT2168 — The Handling Solution for Mobility

The MT2168 pick-and-place handler offers a variety of smart features that meet the special requirements of ICs for mobile devices. The MT2168 fully supports advanced packaging. The soft material handling with smooth and shock-proven movements combined with the controlled plunge avoids damage to fragile stacked devices. Also, the MT2168 offers double-sided contacting for PoPs. 

The MT2168 can be configured with ATC (active thermal control) to manage power dissipation, which is often an issue with highly integrated ICs. The high plunger force of up to 5,000 N ensures best contacting performance even for high pin count packages. 

The unique material flow and the capability to test up to 32 packages in parallel ensure low jam rates and the highest throughput even for the smallest packages. As a result, the MT2168 is a cost-efficient handling solution for high-volume production. The advanced alignment concept supports highly accurate positioning. 

The MT2168 is a leading solution for test handling for ICs for mobile applications. 

Quad Tech™ Contactors and High Performance Load Boards — Leading Interface Solutions for Mobility
The Quad Tech™ contacting solutions offer the best mechanical and electrical performance that is required by ICs for mobile applications. Electrically, Quad Tech™ products guarantee low inductance and high bandwidth. Mechanically, Quad Tech™ stands for high dimensional stability and coplanarity. Combined with the low force requirements, Quad Tech™ ensures reliable test of high I/O packages. Quad Tech™ supports precise alignment with highly accurate probe positioning. The Quad Tech™ contactors for small packages are available for standard or Kelvin applications. 
Multitest high performance load boards ideally complement the Quad Tech™ contactors for ICs for mobile applications. High layer counts allow high-parallel testing of complex ICs. Multitest’s advanced capabilities for fine-pitch PCBs perfectly support the reduced form factors of mobile applications. 

Fully integrated solutions to address the comprehensive challenges – Plug & Yield
James Quinn concludes: “Mobility drives new package types, advanced IC functionalities and integration. The ideal test setup will leverage the optimum features from each test cell element, harmonize the elements, and offer a cost-efficient, high performance solution.”

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