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OK International Launches “Take the Challenge” Initiative – Innovative Solutions for Electronics and Industrial Assembly Challenges
GARDEN GROVE, CA ― July 2013 ― OK International today announced the launch of its “Take the Challenge”  campaign.  A new online submission form was developed for end-users to share their assembly challenges related to their manufacturing processes.

“OK International, through our Metcal and Techcon brands, maintains a reputation for being a product innovator and solutions provider,” said Hoa Nguyen, Chief of Technology. “Our goal with this initiative is to extend our corporate knowledge base to end-users in the electronics and industrial workplace. We hope to hear about the challenges they are facing, and respond with solutions gained from our many years of experience as the industry leader.”

OK International invites end-users to share their unique product and process development needs related to soldering, rework and repair, fume extraction and fluid dispensing. As a manufacturer and engineering resource, OK International’s application experts will respond with innovative solutions to the most demanding requirements. For more information or to submit your challenge to OK International’s technical experts, visit

For more information about OK International, visit 

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