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Ryder to Expand with New Building in Shenzhen
SHENZHEN― July 2013 ― Ryder Industries Ltd, a professional EMS provider, today announced that it is constructing a brand new extension to its Coastal I factory in Shenzhen, a coastal city bordering Hong Kong.

Nowadays, an increasing number of China-based manufacturers are moving inland to benefit from relatively lower labour costs than those of the coastal regions.  To provide efficient high-volume production services, Ryder has also established its state-of-the-art inland factory in Jiangxi province (  

Yet unlike the majority of EMSs, Ryder will be sustaining its coastal presence.  This allows the company to provide a more convenient base for customers visiting from overseas as well as giving it access to the high-skilled human resources and cosmopolitanism of the eastern coast.

Ryder is expanding its Coastal I factory by 10,000sqm, with construction beginning in June 2013.  The Coastal I factory, operational since 1992, will be equipped with a new office building, R&D Centre, warehouse and accommodation.

Ryder strives to grow proactively and to provide a supportive working environment for its employees.  These core values are embodied by the new building project: the R&D Centre will provide timely and efficient engineering services and the warehouse better inventory management for customers, while employees will benefit from a comfortable modern living space in the accommodation.

Markets are constantly evolving, and Ryder’s Coastal I expansion is focused on supporting high-mix products and other customer needs for flexibility.  This project is scheduled for completion in September 2014.

Ryder Industries Ltd is a contract manufacturer of electronics.  With two established plants in Shenzhen and a new one in Jiangxi province, it provides a vertically integrated service:  a strong development engineering group; plastics and PCBA SMT processes; and box-build.  Ryder Industries Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 1979 and is Swiss-owned.

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