Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Stilwell Baker marks 20 years in the electronics industry
Electronic engineering and manufacturing firm, Stilwell Baker Inc., marks 20 years in the electronics industry this month. Founded in Oregon in 1993, the company attributes its long-term stability and growth to unwavering attention to customers' needs.


When Darrel Baker, President and CEO, noticed U.S. companies shifting to outsourced product development and manufacturing, he saw an opportunity. "In my conversations with customers, it became obvious that where we needed to go as a company was to engineer entire original designs and manufacture products as an ODM. We manage customers' projects in their entirety, which is especially helpful to companies that don't have deep talent in electronic engineering, or experience with the manufacturing process. And some customers just don't have the resources to take on projects outside of their core business," Baker said.

"We're growing as a result of our ability to react quickly and efficiently to our customers' needs while maintaining-and even improving-our process and quality standards," Baker continued. "We have an entrepreneurial mentality; we're nimble and flexible. We don't have two or three layers of account and engineering managers like larger firms, so customers actually talk with the people who are doing the work," he concluded.

Stilwell Baker has helped hundreds of companies develop new electronic products and re-design existing products for higher reliability, enhanced functionality, and lower cost. The company engineers and manufactures custom electronic devices, systems, and controls for industrial, commercial, government, and aerospace applications. Stilwell Baker's offering includes complete project management, electronic and electro-mechanical engineering, PCB/PCA design, firmware/software development, prototyping, manufacturing, packaging, certification, regulatory compliance testing, and ongoing product support. The company maintains partnerships with supply chain and manufacturing facilities that reside exclusively within North America.

For more information about Stilwell Baker Inc., visit www.stilwellbaker.com, or call 503.210.2100.

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