Friday, May 25, 2018
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Glenbrook Technologies unveils the JB-Ultra Compact Microfocus X-Ray System
Glenbrook Technologies introduces the JB-Ultra Compact, the most compact, micro-focus, full featured x-ray inspection system ever engineered.

With dimensions of just 22” wide by 26” deep, it is small enough to fit on a standard desk but capable of up to 500X magnification with 5 axis positioning and laser locater.

The JB Ultra Compact features 10 micron focal spot imaging, totally contained computer with advanced image processing and Glenbrook’s patented MXRA® magnification fluoroscopy technology.

The most reliable real-time and long lived x-ray imaging technology, operating at the lowest radiation levels achievable.

CONTACT: Glenbrook Technologies,11 Emery Avenue,Randolph, NJ  07869   U.S.A., : (973) 361-8866 , Fax. (973) 361-9286

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