Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Offering a new 3-D Profiling capability to inspection measurement, HEIDENHAIN
?s versatile IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK PC software system  now gives operators the ability to quickly measure and determine parts profiles within desired tolerance zones.  This optional 3-D feature compares the actual measured part to a three-dimensional model within the PC software, making inspection a breeze, especially useful on CMMs. 

To utilize the 3-D Profiling, the operator first imports a computer-generated 3-D model using IGES or STEP formats and then takes measurement points on the desired part.  This new function fits and compares the two within the IK5000, and then both the overall profile and the individual point results can be toleranced, printed, and/or exported for evaluation.  The measurement and evaluation routines of 3-D contours using the IK 5000 makes inspection on CMMs and multisensory measurement inspection machines an easy process.  These part programs can then be used to take measurements of subsequent parts either manually or in an automated measuring process depending on the machine design. 

Other functions of the 3-D Profiling option include the ability to orient and align the model in all possible degrees of freedom, as well as to apply profile tolerances for any of the lines and surfaces either as an overall tolerance or specific to individual features or surfaces. 

The IK5000 software is a PC-based inspection software and hardware package, used for 2-D and 3-D measuring tasks.  The 3-D Profiling add-on option is integrated into the standard operating software of the IK5000, allowing use of the entire software package as normal and turned on when needed.

The HEIDENHAIN IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK with 3-D Profiling is an equally suitable choice on new inspection equipment as well as for retrofitting onto an older inspection platform.  Available in versions for 3 and 4 axes, the optional expansions make it ready for all coordinate measuring technology applications.

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