Friday, May 25, 2018
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Nematron Corporation announces the launch of the new Fanless iPC-Series of Industrial Computers, now with the Intel® Dual Core™ ATOM N2800 processor. In many of today’s industrial applications and industries, especially those that utilize an industrial computer within an enclosure, overheating of the PC is a major concern. Where continuous processes or automation are concerned, the downtime caused by the overheating and eventual loss of a PC can be costly. The need for fanless processing and solid state media is a major consideration in many industrial applications that Nematron has addressed with continuous improvements.

In March 2010, Nematron introduced one of the first lines of fanless industrial PCs to hit the market, following the Intel embedded roadmap using the ATOM N270 processor. The launch of the ePC-Fanless Series allowed the concerns of overheating to be addressed for many applications that required a low heat producing industrial PC.

In keeping with the continuous improvement philosophy that Nematron has employed for years, the iPC-Series takes a step forward by offering an even more powerful fanless processing solution with the Intel Dual Core ATOM N2800, which in comparison to its ATOM N270 predecessor, more than doubles the PassMark™ CPU benchmark score, providing applications with more processing horsepower. The use of solid state storage media and optional 24VDC further add to the strength and reliability of these rugged industrial fanless PCs offerings.

“The new iPC-Fanless Series is the logical evolution of our industrial PC product offering strategy,” explains Ralph Damato, VP – Product Management of Nematron.  “With the speed at which computer components change in the marketplace, Nematron continues to lead as an industrial PC manufacturer committed to building products with the longest life cycle. The ePC-Fanless Series was a success, which makes us even more proud to introduce the iPC-Fanless N2800 Series. It also gives current and new customers the peace of mind that Nematron will be able to support this new offering for years to come,” continues Damato.

Concurrent with the iPC-Series, the iPC-Fanless Series computers include the same 12” (iPC1200), 15” (iPC1500), 17” (iPC1700), and 19” (iPC1900) LED-backlit versions. The iPC-Fanless Series can also be ordered as a non-display node computer (nPC300) offering flexibility for mounting in space-constrained applications. All sizes and models of the iPC-Fanless Series and nPC300 have UL and cUL 508 as well as Class I Division 2, RoHS, and European CE approvals, making system integration a breeze for virtually any application and/or location.

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