Sunday, June 24, 2018
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New Embedded System Access Bundle from GOEPEL provides Test Support of complex Projects in Design and Production
GOEPEL electronic has complemented its range of Boundary Scan complete packages with a new
option. SCANFLEX® Designer Studio is a complete Boundary Scan test system incl. hardware, software, and a one-year maintenance contract offering an extremely reasonable price-performance-ratio. It has been developed for test and debug tasks in complex projects and higher system performances in both design and production stages. The package’s hardware is preconfigured to be prepared for the utilization of Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies such as ChipVORX® and VarioTAP®, and can be extended by additional I/O modules for further test and programming tasks. 

“Our currently available Boundary Scan bundles are following the requirements of beginners in Boundary Scan technologies. The new SCANFLEX Designer Studio opens extensive opportunities for complex projects with great potential to be extended to further ESA technologies”, explains Stefan Meissner, GOEPEL electronic’s spokesman and PR manager. “At the same time, we complete our portfolio of respective packages, now being able to provide the best price-performance-ratio for all application situations.”

About SCANFLEX Designer Studio:
The hardware/software bundle contains the SCANFLEX controller SFX/COMBO1149-A and a SYSTEM CASCON™ Development Station (DS) software type Basic/SX (SCANFLEX Designer Studio Base Version), Standard/SX (SCANFLEX Designer Studio Standard Version), or Standard with add-on option Scan Vision Layout. The SCANFLEX controller SFX/Combo 1149 is a compact version containing a 4-TAP transceiver and three SFX slots. Thus, it fits for all ESA technologies providing various extension opportunities, e.g. utilization of SFX I/O modules, CION I/O modules or ChipVORX I/O modules.

Due to the availability of three versions, the bundle’s performance level may be upgraded from pure test (Base Version) to in-system programming of moderate Flash and PLDs as well as memory and cluster tests (Standard Version) up to operations with layout visualization (Comfort Version). An upgrade from one to the next higher version is possible anytime. Numerous hardware and software options are additionally available, so that the test unit’s performance may grow with the application and investments are protected.

About JTAG/Boundary Scan:
Boundary Scan (IEEE Std. 1149.x) is a modern access method for the test and programming of complex circuits without mechanical probe access (non-intrusive). Boundary Scan is part of the Embedded System Access (ESA) strategies and is based on design-integrated test electronics.

ESA technologies include techniques such as Chip Embedded Instruments, Processor Emulation Test, In-System Programming or Core Assisted Programming. They are currently the most modern strategies for validation, test and debug as well as programming of complex boards and systems. They can be applied throughout the entire product life cycle, enabling enhanced test coverage at reduced costs.

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