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Autosplice Intros New Antenna Contact Technology
One-piece antenna clip.
San Diego, CA — Autosplice has introduced a new series of compact surface mount contacts for antenna applications in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The new single-piece contact designs are especially suited for Near Field Communications (NFC) antenna requirements as well as other grounding applications within wireless communications designs, and are superior to existing two-piece molded products.

Typical existing antenna clips use multi-piece configurations that are manufactured through the assembly of the antenna contact terminal to an injection molded base, with separate fixing pins to support the SMD interface. This approach increases complexity and quality risk, as well as increasing manufacturing costs.

In contrast, the new Autosplice crush-proof antenna clips integrate both the antenna contact and the base into a unified single-piece stamping that improves reliability and reduces cost. Since the entire contact is formed from stamped copper alloy, contact resistance and mechanical stability during vibration are superior to multi-piece designs. In addition, the footprint of the one-piece contacts can be significantly smaller, requiring less PCB space while allowing for overall better fit, form and function. Autosplice antenna clip products are manufactured from stamped copper alloy material and are available in standard 13-in. tape-and-reel for ease of pick-and-place assembly. The clips are also available in a variety of heights to accommodate specific antenna and product design requirements while minimizing PCB real estate usage.

The new single-piece antenna clip designs are already being used in leading mobile devices that account for over 300 million contacts per month and are currently being designed into many more NFC-enabled devices because of the inherent cost advantages and manufacturing efficiencies.

Contact: Autosplice, Inc., 10121 Barnes Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121 800-535-5538 or 858-535-0077 fax: 858-535-0130 E-mail: Web:

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