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AOS Expands 600V Lighting Control Line
Rugged lighting controller.
Sunnyvale, CA — Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOS) has released AOD4C60, AOD3C60, and AOD2HC60, the newest additions to its 600V AlphaMOS portfolio, which combines features such as robustness, controlled switching and low on-resistance to produce high-performing devices. These new products are well suited for commercial and industrial CFL ballasting as well as LED lighting for residential and commercial applications.

These new devices are built using proprietary AlphaMOS technology, designed for efficient switching and high reliability. The device structure of these solutions allows for a smooth dv/dt and di/dt transition during hard switching, thereby reducing the ringing typically experienced with other superjunction-type devices. In addition, these devices offer 3x the avalanche current capability vs. comparable superjunction solutions, enabling power circuits to outlast fault conditions such as power line surges and lighting surges. These solutions are available in 4A, 3A, and 2.5A varieties in the DPAK green package and are 100 percent Rg and UIS tested. AOD4C60 is a 600V N-channel MOSFET; ID = 4A; RDS(ON) <0.95Ω max at VGS = 10V; COSS = 41pF typ; Qg (10V) = 14nC typ.

The AOD3C60 is a 600V N-channel MOSFET; ID = 3A; RDS(ON) <1.4Ω max at VGS = 10V; COSS = 29pF typ; Qg (10V) = 10.3nC typ.

Type AOD2HC60 is a 600V N-channel MOSFET; ID = 2.5A; RDS(ON) <2mΩ max at VGS = 10V; COSS = 23 pF typ; Qg (10V) = 7.6 nC typ.

Contact: AOS, 475 Oakmead Pkwy., Sunnyvale, CA 94085 408-830-9742 fax: 408-830-9749 E-mail: Web:

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