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PEI Expands Custom Photo-Etched Lead Frames
Photo-etched lead frames.
Milford, MA — Photofabrication Engineering (PEI) has expanded its manufacturing capabilities for custom-designed, photochemically-etched surface-mount and insert-mount lead frames for integrated circuit manufacturing. Using a wide variety of base materials, PEI plates lead frames with silver, nickel, gold, or tin, depending on the customer's specific electrical and thermal conductivity requirements.

Since the lead frame is the main conduit by which heat flows from the chip to the printed circuit board, the company selects the manufacturing material to maximize the device's operating life for any given application or environment.

These high-density lead frames (single- or double-sided) have acute profiles and ultra-fine pitches, allowing for high pin counts. The manufacturing process can produce lead frames that are too complicated for stamping. Lead frames range from 0.5 to 40 mil (0.0127 to 1.575mm) thick, with features as small as 4 mil (0.10mm) on 0.010-in. (0.254mm) centers, so they are strong enough to be handled yet flexible enough to allow bending when necessary. A significant advantage of photochemical etching is the ability to reproduce large quantities of parts without tooling wear: the millionth part is exactly the same as the first part. Changes to tools can be implemented quickly, and phototools are significantly less expensive than traditional tools — suitable for manufacturing plates from prototype to production quantities with short turnaround times — about 10 percent of the time for stamped frames.

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